Sunday, 15 March 2015

Using 3 of Vesta's Art Decks In One Reading

Vesta's Art 

I used all three decks in a single reading to get an overview .

Healing Oracle - 
Awaken to the Light of Hope .... 

Oracle Deck-
Time to Look Within
The Angels are Watching Over You

Tarot Deck 
The Tower- things might seem shaky, crumbling walls but soon you will stand on solid ground of reality ...
King of Fire - Passion, mature Lover, Ambitious, strong core beliefs, Creative energy, spark .... 

The Moon- Face the unknown fears, know the light shines through the darkness.. walk ahead ...... and see what lies in the light .....

These are just snippets of info .... close your eyes ... focus on one card and listen to the inner message .......

Focus on each section and listen within

Then look at the whole reading and do you truly hear what is being spoken of overall?

Blessings ..... and enjoy the rest of your day / evening / night wherever you are Globally .......

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