Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards

1.       Sun- sun shining in situation, true self shine through, fiery, creativity, sexuality, abundance, happiness, joy, contentment, peace, freedom ...
2.       Moon-Intuition, hidden knowledge, clairvoyance, unknown fears,  afraid of walking forward.
3.       House- Security, home, happy home, family.... building
4.       key- unlock, lock, open to new possibilities, the key to the situation
5.       Tree-strength, growth, stand strong, health, vitality, success
6.       Coffin-illness, transformation, death, ill-feelings.
7.       Bouquet-flowers, long happy life, blooming, growth, flowering, success
8.       Scythe-break, disappointments, death , let go of,
9.       Birds-gossip, flight, mis-fortune, fly free.
10.   Pigs-Omen, good luck, abundance, honours
11.   Fox-Cautious, cunning, sly, betrayal
12.   Children-childlike-childhood issues, children, perception
13.   snake-Wisdom, deception, shed old skins
14.   Rider-Good news, travel, movement, man. strength
15.   Letter-Invitation, proposal,good fortune.
16.   Ship-Travel, Riches, Wealth, Inheritances
17.   Fish-Business, riches, flow, success
18.   Woman-Feminine Energy
19.   Man-Masculine Energy
20.   Lilies-Happy, virtuous
21.   Stork-Change, new, residence, birth, arrival, delivery
22.   Book-New chapters, new page
23.   Ring-Rich, happy marriage, love
24.   Hand in hand-Contracts, friendship, success
25.   Clouds-Confusion, seperation, Clarity
26.   Park-New love, place
27.   Dog-loyalty, true friends
28.   Anchor-Secure, successful ventures
29.   Mouse-loss, theft
30.   Rod-Quarrels, loss
31.   Crossroads-Choices, journey, adventures
32.   Mountains-Obstacles, enemy, Challenges
33.   Clover-Good luck, fortune
34.   Star-Success, light out of Dark.
35.   Tower-Destiny, Blast of the Past , Occult card
36.   Cat- Flattery, Independance, feminine Energy, intuition
37.   The Rapiers- Warns against threats, injury
38.   Flames in the hearth-Good fortune, creativity, passion, homely warmth, commnity centre.
39.   Heart- love, passion, joy
40.   Wine- Cheerfulness, party, celebration
41.   Rose- beauty, love
42.   Amor- A lover, passion, love,
43.   Lightening- surprise, action, rapid
44.   Broken Glass- illness, misfortune
45.   The Order- Honour, recognition of labour
46.   Railroad-Long journey
47.   Bride- marriage, contract, connection, relationship
48.   Money Safe- Riches, business success, abundance.
49.   Eye- insight, truth, great interest, see what is hidden
50.   Bear- successful, speculations, reflection, hibernation, gathering
51.   Lion- roar, sudden shock from bad news,

52.   The Shepherd- Intense love of life.....

Will Show images when I can   .....   Remembering This is also a deck that has a variety of imagery   but the general meanings stay the same dependant on school of thought ..

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  1. I know a Lady That use to call herself Gypsy Witch. Thanks for the flashback of memories I have of her. Lost touch a longtime ago.