Vesta's Art

Vesta's Art .....

Over some time I have been creating some artwork through Tsu ... 
Taking photos around Hawkes Bay .... some photos have been added  with words,special effects ..... some have even been created into works of art that are quite unique ..... on this Page I will display a few of my art work .. and  more will be added as I can on the Blog pages ......   

have fun feeling the energies .... 

I used Collage Creator for some .. Tsu edit program for others .. then using Magix Photo designer 7 (downloaded software)   and Microsoft Picture it... using sometimes these programs alone and others have mixed with two or more have created some quite unique art.....   

It shows that with a little imagination anything is possible .....

Go Give it a try .... Don't forget to add your name to it ... in others You will find I have added Vesta's Art right across the picture ... hate to do it but it seems it is the only way ......   

Eight of Earth (Tarot)
Do You listen to the Messages coming from The Highest Vibration ..........? "

"Crown #Chakra with Love ....."
 "Around Napier City"
 "Napier City Car Park"
 "Clear Heart"
" Concentric "
 Crazy Art
harmonization brings Illumination "
" Earthy Contours "
" Explosion of Thoughts "
 Eye Within ..... (Phoenix Rising ) Lisa from @Tarotize on #Tsu
 My Backyard
Abstract art
 Me ....
Look deep within what answers do you find within self? "
" Modify Self"
"Crown Chakra"---- "Wisdom Comes From Within "
"That Old Tree"
 "Sky Modification"
Spiral of Life (Triple Goddess)

"Spiritual Transformations"

 There are more to be added .... enjoy the Healing vibrations ....
 "Strength, Freedom Power"
 "Swirled feather eye "
Warped Photo 

This is just a very small sample of some of my Digital Art I have created to share with you on Tsu  .....   but now have added to this Blog .... Much more to sort through and be added ... 

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