Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Lenormand Meanings

Lenormand Meanings ...

1. The Rider-news on the way, a journey started, the querant ....
2. The Clover-Lucky card, blooming and positive
3. The Ship-travel, overseas connection, movement
4. The House-home, property, solid, secure
5. The Tree-growth, growing, stronger
6. The Clouds-thoughts, worries, nebulous, difficult to understand, negative
7. The Snake-Deceit, wisdom
8. The Coffin-transformation, ending, illness.. Wait is implied ....
9. The Flowers-Happiness, young girls, positive
10. The Scythe- Cutting free from someone, something.
11. The Whip-Strife, quarrels, punishment
12. The Bird-Chatter, gossip
13. The Child- Children, early stages of something, positive
14. The Fox-Sly, untruthful, clever, foxy
15. The Bear-Big, strong, boldness, protector
16. The Star-Shining future, wishes come true, positive
17. The Stork-loyalty, travel, important occassion
18. The Dog- loyalty, friendship, friend
19. The Tower-powerful card, Long life, Occult card
20. The Garden-positive place to meet, where people gather
21. The Mountain-Foreign affairs, important, big, obstacle to climb over
22. The Road-a new direction, travel, changes
23. The Mouse-loss, not be trusted, negative
24. The Heart-love, positive, happy
25. The Ring-relationship, romantic, positive
26. the Book-things yet to be revealed, book, learning, publishing.
27. The Letter-News, contract, communication
28. The Man-masculine energy...
29. The woman-feminine energy
30. The Lily-A bright card professional life, illness overcome .
31. The Sun-Warm, positive card, everything turn out all right
32. The Moon-An invitation, proposition, honour, positive
33. The Key-overcoming pain, unlocking a situation ....
34. The Fish-Fortune, money, business, dreams
35. The Anchor-Security, things remaining settled, positive
36. The Cross- Card of destiny, can mean pain or require the querant to be strong and
self-contained. Occult card...

... I recommend choosing a deck where you love the imagery ......
knowing each deck gives you the Traditional meanings ......
Card Combinations can change the meaning ....... That is another resource file ....

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