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Chapter 2
Oracle Decks

This is not about you doing readings for others, not yet anyway. This is about your self-development.
Choose a deck, any deck that speaks. There are a huge range of oracle decks that available from many great authors, as I mentioned in the introduction. Go to a bookstore or a specialist New Age, Spiritual type store or check online. Choose something that has images that seem to have a lot of information within it. There are many myths that a deck must be gifted. I prefer to choose my own deck. Decide on the images that speak to you personally.
Open the box, packet, undo the wrapping and put the box and the book aside. (You do not yet need the book). Pick up a pen and your journal and put today’s date on the top of the page. Write down the name of the deck and the author. Shuffle, shuffle and shuffle again.
There are many ideas to how you must cleanse your deck, consecrate it, bless it and put your energy into it. Not let anyone else touch it, wrap it in silk, put it in a pouch. It can get quite confusing. Trust your gut instinct. This is your deck. Do whatever you feel is appropriate for it.
For me personally when I get a new deck, after opening the box, I knock the top of the deck three times gently, then shuffle three times, then gently blow into it three times.


“Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Lord and Lady, Gods and Goddesses, Universal Deity, and Spirit Guides, Bless this deck for my Spiritual Journey of discovery, of learning, of gaining wisdom and knowledge, insight and furthering my education within myself. Blessings”

Exercise 2:1

1. Breathe deep and allow yourself to feel calm and relaxed.
2. Close eyes and breathe slowly, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Do this several times until you feel you are ready.
3. Take your deck and ask “What do I need to know today about my journey?”
4. If one card flips out
5. Take that card and look at it for 30 seconds.
6. Write down everything you feel about this card. Trust yourself. Trust your sensations. What does the card speak of? How does it make you feel? Who is in the image? What is in the image? What colours? Symbols? Characters? Numbers? Write down everything about this card. Words on the cards? Any sentences on the cards? What else can this card tell you? Totally trust self.
7. Relook at the card and keep writing as much as you can.
If no card flips out, choose the top card when you feel you have shuffled enough times. And continue with the exercise above from step 5-7

Do this every day until you have looked at every card within the deck.

Exercise 2:2

1. Breathe deep and allow yourself to feel calm and relaxed.
2. Look at a card for thirty seconds
3. Close eyes. Visualize the card, the colours, the characters, the symbols.
4. See yourself stepping into the card.
5. What do you see within the card? Around you? What do you smell? Feel? What can you touch within the card? The scenery? Talk to the characters of the card? What do they say? What are their stories? Do they have a message for you? Stay for as long as you need to.
6. When ready turn around, step out of the card and return to the room.
7. Deep breath and open eyes. Take notebook and pen and write down everything you received.
Wow, how did that feel? How does it make you feel? Does it give you a greater understanding of that card? When you have completed it with all the cards, does it give you a greater understanding of the deck?

By now, you will find yourself shifting to a new level of awareness. Be gentle with self. There may be times of needing to truly be alone. Needing time to recharge self by enjoying your alone time. Embrace it. You are not being selfish by doing this; this is an important part of your journey. Allow yourself at least 30 minutes every day to do this totally.

Exercise 2:3

1. Breathe deeply, feel calm and centred.
2. Take your journal, write today’s date.
3. Deep breath, take deck and shuffle.
4. Say “Please give me two cards about today I need to know”
5. Whether cards flip, jump out or you choose the top two.
6. Look at the two cards.
7. Write down what each of the cards say as individuals about today.
8. Then write one sentence that ties the two cards together. That summarizes everything in that one sentence. Trust in self.
9. Then expand that sentence into further information that describes today. That could offer further insight into a situation, an issue etc.
10. Now try it with three cards.

Do this every day until you feel comfortable with this.

How are you feeling? What has been happening within your journey? Are you feeling the shift of awareness within self? Do you feel a real connection with this deck? Do you feel as though you have a real understanding of this deck? Are you ready to do something outside of your comfort zone? Are you ready to try something new?

Exercise 2:4

1. Ask a friend to be a guinea pig.
2. To sit opposite you.
3. Breathe deep, until you feel calm.
4. Ask that the information given by the cards is done with love and compassion and integrity.
5. Ask your friend to ask a Question? One clear question.
6. Shuffle the deck until you feel you should stop.
7. Take the top card
8. Look at it then say exactly what you get from the image.
9. Trust... Do not over analyse the meanings. Let your friend do that.
10. It will make sense to your friend.

Now stop, breathe, relax and take your journal and write down how you felt about that? Then ask your friend to write a review about what they thought about the reading. Just a few words will enable feedback for you.

Okay, let us try something different.

Exercise 2:5

1. With another friend
2. Repeat from exercise 2:4 #1-6
3. Then ask your friend to randomly take two cards from anywhere within the deck.
4. Look at the cards and say exactly what you are getting from the two cards
5. Trust; be open to your own thoughts. Do not over analyse what you are getting.
6. Believe it will make sense to your friend.

Again write everything you feel about that exercise in your journal and ask you friend to write a review.

Where do you think the information came from?
 Was it memory from the previous exercises?
 Was it straight from the images in the cards?
 Your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters?
 Do you feel any sensations, a knowing, smells, a feeling?

 Write down everything.
Practice everything within this chapter until you feel really comfortable.

 Are you still doing things from chapter one?
 Are you still committed to your own self development?
 Are you now ready to move forward?
What have you noticed within yourself?
Have other people noticed changes within you?

 Write down everything. I know I keep saying that but this is an important part of the process.