Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Ancient Imagery of the Five Universal Shapes With Tarot

The Five Universal Shapes 

With Tarot Meanings....

Angeles Arrien  discovered the connection between the Five Universal Shapes with The Major Arcana.....

I bring you  some of the information  from  The 1988 Los Angeles Symposium Journal 

New Thoughts on Tarot   ......


Which shape do you prefer?  Which shape are you resistant to?   

Process of individuation, independence, totality and wholeness.. 
"I've got to be me"   " Don't Fence  Me In."   
Need For Space, space is equated with love and trust... The more space you give a person, the more they will be there, less space you give a person who's in a individuation process, the more they'll feel unloved and untrusted, and therefore move away.       

The Way of the Warrior/Leader - North  
Standing Meditation   

Major Arcana Cards   

Vision, Searcher,
Envisioning, Planning and Seeking 
Nature's triangle is the mountain. Humankind's imitation of the mountain is the pyramid or arrowhead... Where do you see your goal.   Triangle speaks of being able to see What's needed and What's not working, and can take the organization or the family or the relationship to the next step. The need here is for shared vision. Shared Vision is equated with love and trust. Inventive, futuristic minds. Underlying fear, no more dreams, goals, visions.   Extreme process when people live so far in the future they aren't productive in the present.  They are so busy involved in goals and visions, they do not get things done in the Now.... 

The Way of The Visionary - East 
Walking Meditation 

Major Arcana Cards
High Priestess

Stability, Solidity, Security
Foundation Setting,,
If in this process you may find yourself with a need for responsibility, accountability, consistency and congruity.   If in this process it is   difficult to handle double messages, and handle irresponsibility, inconsistencies or incongruities...   Extreme process of rigidity and compulsiveness.  

Four Fold Pattern- Four Seasons, Four Directions, Four Elements   ....
In Silence 

Four Universal Energies of The Major Arcana 

Sun- Universal Dynamism Strong Light
Moon-Universal Magnetism Soft Light
Star-Principle of Integration  Integrated Light 
Universe- Medicine Wheel - Earth (Giant Star)   ....

Relationship, Integration, Synthesis, 
Relatedness, interface, intersection... 
In a relatedness process underlying need for quality of time shared.. Love and trust equated with time shared. These people want to connect, join, integrate ideas, projects and situations to a create a greater whole. These people love teamwork and collaborative effort. Underlying fear of abandonment and fear of loss.   Extreme loss of identity, living through another person's life or project.

Way of Healer- South 
Lying Meditation 

Major Arcana 

Growth, Evolution, Change. The Need for variety, the need for flexibility.. In this process, flexibility is equated with trust and love. The More flexible you are with the person who needs variety on their life the more they feel loved and trusted. Less Flexibility they feel unloved and untrusted. Underlying fear that things will be too boring, too routine, too predictable.   

Way of Teacher -West 
Sitting Meditation

Death (Teacher of Detachment) 
Hanged Man 

Swords- North, Warrior
Cups- South, Healing 
Wands- East, Visionary 
Pentacles-West, Teacher   

The Way of the Warrior 
Home of the Three Powers
Presence, Communication, Willingness to take a stand.....   

I Will update this info over time  and Will share the link    .....  


Sunday, 31 May 2015

List of my decks

Tarot and Oracle Decks

1.  Native American Tarot
2.  Medicine Woman Tarot
3.  Angel Tarot
4.  Shadowscape Tarot
5.  Tarot of Sacred Sites
6.  Osho Zen Tarot
7.  Tarot of the Wild Spirit
8.  RWS Tarot (Original) 
9.  Truth Seekers Tarot     Tarot of Fire .... 
10.                   BMS Tarot (yellow Backs)
11.                   1JJ Swiss Tarot
12.                   Melodie's Millennium Crystal Tarot
13.                   Art Nouveau Tarot
14.                   Tarot of the Child
15.                   Quantum Tarot

16.                   Sacred Path Oracle
17.                   Shaman Wisdom
18.                   Wolf Song
19.                   Medicine Cards
20.                   Animal Totems
21.                   Harmony Angel
22.                   Heart and Soul Angel
23.                   Love and light Angels
24.                   Life Purpose Oracle
25.                   Healing with Angels
26.                   Blue Angel Oracle
27.                   Enchanted Map Oracle
28.                   The Secret language of Colour
29.                   Tibetan jewel Crystal Oracle
30.                   Crystal Ally cards
31.                   Fortune cards (Lenormand)
32.                   Soul Lessons
33.                   Goddess Oracle
34.                   Self-care cards
35.                   Affirmation Self-realignment Cards
36.                   Crystal Oracle
37.                   Vibrational Healing cards
38.                   Kryon cards
39.                   Crop Circle cards
40.                   Tea Leaf Cards
41.                   Bach Flower Cards
42.                   Sacred Geometry cards
43.                   Chakra Labyrinth Cards
44.                   I-ching cards
45.                   Rune cards/Stones
46.                   Chakra cards (BMS)
47.                   faery Cards (BMS)
48.                   Angel cards (BMS)
49.                   Gods/Goddesses (BMS)
50.                   Celtic Oracles
51.                   NZ Fairy Oracle
52.                   Wisdom of the Four Winds
53.                   Spirit cards
54.                   Animal Spirit Stones
55.                   Spirit Stones
56.                   Cast The Crystal  Kit
57.                   Crystal star Kit
58.                   Yoga Sutra
59.                   Playing cards (several sets ) 
60.                   Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling cards (Lenormand-style cards)
61.                   Isis Oracle
62.                   Fallen Angel Oracle
63.                   Gateway Oracle
64.                   Art through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle
65.                   72 Angels Oracle
66.                   Assorted Crystal Made cards .........
67.                   Mystical Lenormand Deck


An Assortment of Tarot and Oracle Decks  ..
Including   My 10 Oracle decks  and 
2 Tarot  Decks  ... 


Monday, 25 May 2015

Here are some Spreads ....with the New Oracle Decks ...

Today's Date 24th May, 2015  ...

Vesta's  Art Beyond Illusion Oracle 

Card 1- colour wise this speaks of the Sacral Chakra- sensuality, creativiity and identity within oneself .... i feel an energy moving within awakens ...... 

Card 2- Faces within- allows to see what is hidden to open the heart to new possibilities

Card 3- Building new foundations by working with clearing the heart of blocks, debris ..... 

Vesta's Art Birthing Oracle 

Card 1- Yellow-Digestive experiences .... The black void has been filled with Purple-Spirituality .... So for me this card speaks of Spirituality, faith assists in how I digest experiences of my journey ...

card 2- Healing of who I am in being able to express who i am with a sense of renewal ...

Card 3- Processing my Self-Love Without the influences of others dragging me down ....

                         Vesta's Art Inspirational Oracle 

1- Once in a Blue Moon -- for me it feels that something of real value comes once and you have to hold on to it with appreciation ... 

2- Love - unconditional love ... of those around you but also of self ....

3-Roar with Courage to be your truth ...... Sometimes you truly need to stand up for what you believe about self ... ........

Vesta's Art Nature Spirit Oracle  

Today when looking at these three cards I get a feeling the way to Self-love is to follow my own true light .... This is a reminder ..... 

Monday, 20 April 2015

HInkletown Chat 4 Charities ....

There are many of us   who connected through this Chat  ....   watch as   a group of us  partied hard ....  

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Artworks Created ....

Artworks Created 

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