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Today's Thought ....How do we know if we can read Tarot Cards?

How do We Know If we can Read Tarot cards .....?  

We don't unless we try..  We give it a go .....
We grab a deck, images that speak to us....
Which deck do we work with?   Any deck you like...

A lot of people will say use a Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck, others will say start with something more traditional as A tarot de Marseilles or choose a deck that speaks volumes to you.....   The choice is yours   .... There are a huge variety of decks  to choose from .....   find a Theme that you feel drawn to.....  choose one deck  and start  learning the cards.....

When I say learning the cards- I mean learn the basic keywords   and learn what the images say to you ... in understanding keywords the deck will grow with your own intuition... do not memorize it all in one setting ...... a card or two a day ... is a great start ....  

Taken from My E-Book  "How To Enhance What You Already Have."

Chapter Eight

What is Tarot? How does it work? Where do I Start? How can I learn all the meanings? How am I going to remember all the meanings so I can do readings for others? These will be the type of questions that may go through your mind. This chapter is going to explain enough information for you to understand Tarot, know what Tarot is all about so you can explain to others and give you the basics so it will not be long before you are doing readings for others.

Tarot, normally seventy-eight cards, created by an author to offer further insight into what is going on in your life right now. Tarot is a tool to open your Third Eye. Tarot is paper, card and ink. They are whatever you create them to be. You decide what they symbolise to you.

1. Do you see Tarot as something wonderful?
2. Do you think they are scary?
3. Do they carry the energies of others?
4. Do they become a portal to the other worlds?
5. Do you think they are Sacred?
6. Should you wrap them in silk, a pouch, a scarf or a box?
7. Should you cleanse them with white light, white sage or incense?
8. Should others touch them?
9. Should others gift you the cards or can you buy them yourself?

These are questions that may be going through your head right now.
Tarot can be a really wonderful tool. They are not scary, they do not carry evil energies. They can be a real positive tool. It is all about your intent. Your intent of love and compassion, integrity and honesty. They can carry energies of others, if that is what you believe. If you are sensitive to these. They can open your mind to the Spirit Realm in a positive way. For me they a sacred Tool. If you wish you can wrap them however you want. You can cleanse them if you think they should be. You can decide whether only you should touch the cards or if it is okay for others to touch them.
It is totally up to you how your cards should be treated. Trust yourself to do what is right for you. These are your cards. Do respect other people’s decks. Ask before you touch them.
Seventy-eight cards, twenty-two major Arcane and fifty-six minor Arcane.

What are the Major Arcane?

Beginning with The Zero, The Fool, The Student, or The Novice. He begins this journey having to be aware of what is going on, deciding whether he will take this first step or not towards The Magician- 1, in creating your own reality out of the illusion of what we see on the surface. Knowing as he steps towards the High-Priestess-2, The Hidden Secrets could be revealed with Clarity. He continues his journey moving through the phases until he reaches the Doorway of The World, 21 to again begin a new cycle of his life from again being The Fool, Zero- a clean slate. From the Void.
As you look at each meaning of each card, look at each card, look at the imagery and see what else you get, write down everything in your notebook.

Can You read tarot?   Up to you in how you commit to your journey .....

Want to learn more .....   Watch this blog for more info ......   ...
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or check out   My E-book Page for Self-development  in abilties ....  

I have been read tarot for over 20+ years and are still learning ....  
Small steps   create an amazing journey of discovery .....

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