Sunday, 15 February 2015

Soul Energy Clearing

Soul Energy Clearing (SEC)

Removing the negativity
from your life to bring you
joy and understanding
to your work and relationships!
Negativity that comes from our past can manifest in our present day life as mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual challenges. This negativity may impede our ability to live to our highest potential and maintain perfect health and happiness.

What is SEC?
Soul Energy Clearing (SEC) is a unique energy healing method that removes negativity from our past by connecting us to that inner voice that we all hear but may not listen to. It incorporates Mind/Body/Soul healing techniques to identify, clear, and remove negative blocks and beliefs. SEC reminds us that we have positive power over the negativity in our life when we listen to that inner voice.

SEC Benefits
After an SEC session, an individual can experience more calmness, better relationships, a sense of relief with the lessening of emotional baggage, and improvement in health challenges. Life can look brighter with more enthusiasm for the future. Life choices can appear easier to make when we have a healthier sense of who we are and a stronger desire to live to our potential.
SEC can be very helpful with problematic animals, too! Also, the negative effects (emotional, mental, and physical) from negative physical environments (geopathic stress lines in the earth, etc.) can be released with SEC.

An SEC session lasts 30 minutes and costs $45 (includes GST). If you have extra questions after the session. Because energy is everywhere, a session can be done in person, via email or long distance

Sample chart 

sample of an Amethyst Pendulum 

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