Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Email Readings Available

Email Readings Available 

Services Price List

3 Card Tarot or Oracle Reading                                  $10 NZ

15 Min Reading                                                        $30 NZ 
Mixed Tarot/Oracle Reading 
Approx 12 Cards 

30 Min Reading                                                        $55 NZ
Mixed Tarot/Oracle Reading 
Approx 21 Cards 

60 Min Reading                                                        $80 NZ
Mixed Tarot/Oracle Reading 
Approx 38 Cards 

90 Min Reading                                                        $100 NZ
Mixed Tarot/Oracle Reading 
Life Path Reading 
Approx 45 Cards   

Themes Include

Angel Tarot/Oracle Readings 

Animal Spirit/Totem Readings 

Belline Oracle Readings 

Career/Life Purpose Readings 

Cartomancy Reading-Playing Cards (Gypsy) 

Chakra/Colour  Oracle Readings 

Crystal Oracle Readings 

Crystal/Chakra Readings 

General Overview Tarot/Oracle Reading 

Gypsy Picture Readings 

Lenormand Readings 

Life Path Readings 

Love/Relationship Specific Readings 

Native American Tarot/Oracle Card Readings 

New Zealand Oracle Readings 

Soul Lesson- Soul Purpose Readings 

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  1. Have been on a silent journey for the last two years. Still on a healing process. Wil let u know when I am ready for e-mail readings again in the meantime check out my new Art blog