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The Fool's Journey through The Cups

The Fool’s Emotional Journey ....... (Quantum Tarot)
A Soulful Journey with the Cups.

The Fool has danced his way from his lessons and challenges to discover four closed doors.    Dark Blue, Red, Green and Turquoise. Which door does he open first? He looks and decides he will try the Turquoise Door.... As he opens he feels a sense of cleansing, watery emotions coming through within him .... As he walks over the threshold he sees ahead of him a large Chalice sitting within a pool of water..... He very slowly steps forward  and moves close to the Chalice, reaching his hand towards the Chalice he suddenly understands the changes, the new beginnings within his journey are about to take place... this journey speaks not only of his Soul, his emotions but his Dreams of his  goals .. This is all in his hands ...He is the one that must makes the changes, this lies within him .... This will bring  transformations .
The Fool continues stepping through into the 2nd Chamber as he walks through he sees a Man and a woman standing together with 2 Chalices between them their hands outstretched towards each other ....... Behind them lies a Caduceus with two Serpents curled around it .... the Fool looks around him and hears the man starts to speak – “I give of myself as I receive the healing within, the balance.. I am polarity just as I am duality “ The woman replies –“As I receive from you I know I give myself to you freely as I know that I heal just as I am duality I am also within polarity.”  They sit quietly  in reflection ...The Fool understands the Sacredness that lies within the being of balance .... the wholeness achieved through understanding the differences within the similarities....
He continues this pathway by gentle stepping through into a third chamber bringing him into a small party scene... three woman stand in a circle, a chalice each in their hands pointing towards the ceiling of the chamber , celebrating their own little community, friendship and celebrating themselves in who they the stage of being Maidens within their cycle of life .. knowing there is growth and expansion in their life .... He quietly asks- “In what area of your life is growth and expansion?” One Maiden replies “My Dreams and goals, my desires, my love” A second Maiden replies-“My emotional needs have been taken care of , so emotionally i feel my life is expanding into new possibilities.’ The third Maiden replies, “ My Soul-I have found with my friends and spiritual connections  I have unlocked myself  within.”   The Fool thanked them for the messages, the enlightenment he received.... 
As he continues onto the fourth Chamber he reflects those words..... He looks in wonder as he sees a Man leaning against a tree... beside him lays three cups as a fourth is being given to him by another he hears “ You are given The Fourth Chalice as the missing piece of the puzzle, you must now contemplate in how it will create new foundations for your journey , in which area of your life will it help? “  The man looks at the Fool, and asks him” Do you understand what he is saying? This chalice provides the missing piece of the puzzle. What has been missing from your path? What do you need so you can move forward?  I am talking Emotionally, within your soul.... “ He gives the Fool the Chalice to pop into his bag .    The Fool thanks the man and continues on his journey ....  
 The Fool comes to two closed doors , one is locked while the other pushes open easily ...... he sees 5 cups, 3 have fallen over and two are still full .... A Man is looking down at the cups that have tipped over as their liquid spills over the ground .... The Fool goes to pick them up the man asks “Why do you worry about what you can’t control?   What worry about the spilled milk, when we have 2 Full cups here for us? “   What struggles, conflicts do you have in creating your dreams and goals?   Emotionally are you on a roller coaster trying to hold on?  Do you make mountains out of a molehill ?   Time to get calm and take care of your emotional needs...”  
The Fool replies” mmm these are things I struggle with How do I move forward from here? “
The Man replies “ The Best people to ask lie ahead in the next chamber from must continue your journey....Do not let this worry hold you back, find a way to release this so you can continue on foot..”  

The Fool walks into the 6th Chamber and discovers 6 large chalices standing around the room filled with flowers.. .. He sees the gifts and realizes the gifts in life can be given in so many different forms .... He  discovers a sense of fulfilment as he feels the harmony that lies within his emotions... he has created a dream within his Soul that gives a sense of peace......
He Sits for a moment before walking ahead into the  7th Chamber Where he discovers 7 large Chalices with something different in each one .... he walks towards the 1st Chalice and looks within. He sees a butterfly sitting on the edge- he feels the gift of transformation ....The 2nd Chalice shows a symbol  which he feels releases the toxicity that did lie within . The 3rd Chalice brings a sense of energy to it, uplifting.... The 4th Chalice represents the Devil Card from his journey which he remembered spoke of chains, restrictions , limits placed upon self when thinking of temptations that lead you off your path ... The 5th Chalice felt like it gave the gift of communication , self expression....The 6th Chalice shares itself with the influences of Saturn as Saturn rules responsibilities restrictions, limitations and the lessons you must learn in life. It represents structure and also shows your fears and self imposed limits. He finally walks  to the the 7th Chalice and looks within and sees it  brings light and freedom as the Sun shines within your life  bringing you an understanding , a new awareness within ....he felt he was being watched all of a sudden and realizes  a man was standing behind him in the corner of the Chamber ... The Man speaks firmly as he says “ You have looked within. Do you value the gifts you have already received?  Do you understand the value of being in alignment  within your Chakras?  “  The Fool thinks for some time and then he Thanks the man for the questions and opening his heart to value himself and what lies within his journey towards his goals and dreams.
He continues  his journey into the 8th Chamber  as he walks in he sees the colours are more earthy and watery ...he feels a sense of renewal, rebirthing of his Dreams coming into alignment ... As his Soul awakens to new possibilities feeling totally this pure inner bliss ..... A moment of Wow fills his heart ... as new feelings of love  fill him fully within ......He stays for awhile before realizing he hasn’t yet completed this journey so he must forge ahead on this path by walking through into the next Chamber.
Walking into the 9th Chamber he sees 9 Chalices balancing  precariously on the floor, shaped like a pyramid..A man stands in front watching with worry.  Not wanting them to topple over, making sure they weren’t out of place. Just an inch to one side and everything collapses and the dream may disappear, the emotions go into crazy as he panics as the Fool starts to walk towards him he whispers Quietly ..”Stop, don’t move any closer” The Fool stands still. The Man continues talking quietly...”Move one step at a time, slowly, gently towards the door on the other side....” The Fool tip toes across the room understanding this man likes everything in its place, in alignment , in preparation for completing  the goal.....
He gently opens the door to the 10th Chamber and discovers lights like rainbows swirling around the  10 Chalices..... Giving a sense of hope to success of relationships, of love and achievement of dreams and goals.  A sense of Wholeness, a unity within .  He relaxes as he feels himself at peace....Suddenly a door whooshes open as a young man seems to be riding a snake bringing with him a sense of gasping for breath, a need to recover from shedding old skins , from the transformations, a need to find self in realignment.... this man suddenly stops and calmly breathes and finds himself still within.

A second Man arrives on a Stallion bringing with him a sense of empowerment of the Soul...” Good news awaits  you “ he says to the Fool, sometimes it is important to take the advice of someone who is knowledgeable in what you ask. This is emotional. A soulful journey .   He Stops and waits before turning around and leaving ..... He is about to shut the door, suddenly a woman sweeps past him – She tells the Fool “this journey can be taken one step at time,  This is important to nurture your dreams and goals. Are you nurturing your Soul, your emotional needs? Time for some pampering . “   The Fool acknowledges the truth in this....

This Man arises from the depth of the pool at the end of the Chamber, he stands tall and holds a Staff.... He looks at the Fool and says “ Are you ready to take control and be practical in taking care of your emotional needs? Are you being logical in the process of your dreams and goals? “  The Fool replies “Yes, I am.   What else can i do?” The Man replies, “Do what is necessary in achieving in all that you can be.”  Suddenly this man sinks to the depths of the Pool and leaves the Fool contemplating this journey he has had emotionally ... the ups and downs have left him exhausted but also uplifted.... he turns and leaves the Chamber and discovers him again standing outside Four Doors 


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